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Local Bakery Steps Up for Deerfield Students

Third Graders Writing Assignment Brought to Life

Sara McDonough

Third graders at Deerfield Elementary in Lawrence had their assignment brought to life by a local bakery. Laura Amlung, third grade teacher at Deerfield, wanted to give her students an interactive writing assignment that would spark creativity.

“I started the activity saying what if you had the chance to have your donut featured at a bakery, how would you change your writing to make it more convincing? To make people want to choose yours? Not based on the picture, but rather what you wrote about it,” Amlung said. 

Amlung reached out to bakeries asking if they were willing to do be a part of this, but no bakeries responded. She then posted to the Live Love Local Lawrence Facebook group to see if any local bakeries would offer their services.

Infusions bakery, a local bakery in Lawrence, messaged Amlung with a plan. Infusions bakery would hold a contest on their page, and the community would vote for their top 12 favorite designs. The contest was a big hit in the Facebook group, and reached over 100 people. 

“It started as something really small and grew to something really big, bigger than what I was expecting it to be,” Amlung said.

The 12 winners of the contest will then have their designs brought to life, and made available for people to purchase for a limited time. All proceeds from the orders will go directly to benefit Deerfield Elementary.