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Dodge City Polling Place Changes

Dodge City is one of the few cities in Kansas with a majority hispanic population. Recently the city announced a polling place move outside of town.

60% of the population are hispanic immigrants. Weeks before the midterm elections, Ford County decided to move its only voting poll outside the city limits, a mile away from the nearest bus stop.

KU freshman Jeremy Garcia believes politicians are trying to stifle the hispanic vote, while KU Alumni Cale Morrow thinks it’s simply an issue of space.

During the last non-presidential election, only 17% of the 60% percent hispanic population voted in Dodge City, which is below the national average of Hispanic votes at 27%.

The county clerk said with 13,000 registered voters, there are not enough poll workers in the area to justify adding another polling location in the city.

Ride share app LYFT announced it would help provide rides to Dodge City voters in an effort to get hispanic voters to the polls.

Election Day is November 6.