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The JUUL: A New Popular Alternative to Cigarettes

They call it a “JUUL,” or a safe alternative to smoking.
”We’ve sold thirty in the past month…total. They’ve been selling out like crazy. We at least got to get a shipment of it in at least once a week, whether it be pods, kits, starter kits, even the charger themselves.”
The JUUL is a pocket-size, portable e-cigarette, and since its release in 2015, the fastest growing e-cig on the market.
At most vape shops, like this one in Topeka, JUUL’s are easy to come by.
“We just recently got into them three, four months ago. But they’ve been out for a little over a year ago. We didn’t want to get into it because we didn’t know how they’d do.”
“So basically it comes with everything you need… flavors, a charger, a one year warranty and everything. That’s what most people go with.”
“In the past year, they’ve definitely been skyrocketing like nothing else.”
E-cig popularity is nothing new. The use of the smoking has caught the attention of Hollywood, YouTubers, and those on social media. But it’s young JUUL-ers, like Caleb Hudspeth, who are the ones helping the company’s success.
“I saw people having them around and I knew some of my first had one, so I decided to try it. I never thought about buying one but I kept asking and asking so I just got one.”
Like Hudspeth, Damian VU is also a JUUL smoker.
“I recently started to refill the pods on my own…each pod is about four bucks, you can buy packs of four for $16.
Vu knows the JUUL has a slick look but he does think they resemble something else.
“It’s just a USB charger and magnetic on the bottom. It’ll fully charge in 20 or 30 minutes,” he says. “It’s really easy to disguise. It looks like a USB drive.”
JUUL’s are easy to disguise because they really do look like USB drives and charge like them too. But it’s what’s in the JUUL that is causing concerns. About charging, but about nicotine that has schools on edge.
School officials are warning parents of the dangers of kids sneakily smoking JUULs in class and the harmful ingredients they contain. The KCK Public School sent out this email regarding JUUL’s ban.
Dr. Steven Thornton at the KU Medical Center says that research is still in its infancy.
JUUL’s may be all the rage now but could easily go up in smoke.