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Protesters March Down Mass to Free Deported Lawrence Teacher

Loud and passionate marchers advanced their way through the Lawrence streets demanding justice for Syed Jamal, who is on a temporary stay of removal.
Young and old showed their support of Jamal with colorful signs of freedom.
Many people in Lawrence believe that Jamal is being wrongfully treated as an immigrant and must be brought home.
“He’s been here for 30 years, no criminal record, he worked for KU and has done a lot of research, and I feel like there’s no reason he should have to leave his whole family.”
Jamal’s brother, whose name is also Syed Jamal, is here and questions the immigration system we have in place.
“The rules have changed these days now, even low partied low individuals like him who are not doing anything wrong, going about their lives, raising families… Nowadays nobody is safe.”
Marchers came for all reasons and for some, it is a human issue.
“I don’t agree with deporting anybody that’s a positive member of our society, or humans, we’re all humans, there’s only one race.”
The crowd made their way down Massachusetts Street chanting their way through the blocks of local businesses.
Marci Leuschen, the organizer of the event, says why she helped set up the march.
“Four of us kinda jumped on board and started this campaign to try and bring him home. We saw the injustice in his case and we’re here. It’s a big day for us that we got to stay but we got a long, long way to go.”
The march concluded as it began, a community of different faiths and backgrounds coming together for a cause they strongly believe in.
“The community is unbelievable here in Lawrence…I am just flabbergasted but people are so wonderful and with the help of friends and family, we are staying strong and hoping for a positive result.”