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The Lawrence PD Is Looking At Two Possible New Locations

If Lawrence Police get their way, the city will build them a new home.

The department narrowed the site list down and has a preferred location. But not everyone thinks it’s the right spot.

KUJH Reporter Jackson Kurtz was live on the west side of Lawrence.

It’s one of the spots on the table… And it’s fair to call it the front runner as of now. This land near the corner of 6th and Wakarusa already belongs to the city. That’s just one of the reasons why the Lawrence PD is asking them to spend millions of dollars to build here.

The city-owned site is 29 acres just north of Overland Drive, which exceeds the recommended site size requirement. The advantages of this location are that it’s close to both I-70 and K-10 with roads leading to Clinton Parkway… It’s also reasonably close to the police department’s Investigations and Training Center. Now, the one disadvantage of this site is that it is not near where much of the crime in Lawrence occurs. But it is an area where future growth may happen.

The other location is Venture Park, which is located on the northeast side of Lawrence. The park is a 200 acre industrial park and overlooks 23rd street with a straight shot to K-10. Venture Park’s advantages are that it’s in close proximity to Douglas County Jail and is closer to where a majority of Lawrence and Douglas County crimes are committed. A disadvantage of this location is that it is far away from the LPD’s Investigation and Training Center.

The commission meets tomorrow night to talk over the department’s recommendation. They’re also going to talk about adjustments to the city’s bidding processes… And that could change how the new building comes together.

We’ll have more on that Wednesday, and will continue to update the story.