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KU Parking’s Restructure Creates Fewer Tickets

When you are rushing to your morning class, it can sometimes be hard to find a parking spot on campus. KU parking says small adjustments are now making a difference.

KU parking changed the way students buy parking permits last year. Instead of buying a yellow pass where you can park in any yellow lot on campus, you now have to buy a specific lot.

KU’s parking director says this has made a positive impact even though it has not increased the number of spots available at KU.

“So we split up the campus so that we didn’t oversell 90. This year I think it’s less confusing, I think we have written fewer tickets and I don’t have numbers for you but it feels like we have given fewer tickets. We have had a lot fewer students contacts trying to explain what we are doing,” said Donna Hultine, KU’s parking director.

The parking changes came from a student petition that was signed last year.