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The Dyche Hall to Retire Grotesques Statues

The famous Dyche Hall grotesques will be retired from the outside of the building after adorning the hall for 114 years.

The grotesques that have guarded the exterior of Dyche Hall since 1903 took their final watch this month as they were removed from the outside of the building and put on display inside the Museum of Natural History. The removal of the statues is part of the larger renovation to Dyche’s tower, exterior, and seventh floor. Collections Coordinator Lori Schlenker says the construction to the outside will highlight some of the finer features on the exterior in addition to helping preserve the antique grotesques.

“Dyche Hall is one of I think one of the most iconic buildings on this campus. And one of the exciting parts of this project has been just being able to really pay attention to all of the details. I worked here for a while and didn’t even appreciate all the details on the exterior of this building,” said Schlenker.

Dyche originally boasted 12 grotesques around the building on the halls south east and north side. The addition of the biodiversity institute in the 1960’s caused the removal of the four grotesques on the north facing side of the building. The remaining eight will now join their retired comrades in the panorama room of the Natural History Museum. Though the originals may not be visible from the outside anymore the museum hopes to keep their legacy alive.

“So we are putting out a request for a quote to have replicas made of them. Whether that’s going be a stone carver making replicas identical to what they were and putting those back on the building…or 3D printing or sorry 3D scanning of them so maybe we can make small scale models and sell book ends,” said Schlenker.

The removed grotesques can now be seen inside the entrance of Dyche Hall.

The final grotesque statues should be down by the end of the month.