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Students Protest Tax-Reform Bill

Today protestors stormed Wescoe Beach on the KU campus.

They were protesting one element of the tax-reform bill currently going through the United States Senate.

Instead of having to pay for classes, research assistants and graduate teaching assistants receive a waiver in exchange for their services. The waiver covers tuition cost.

The protestors are aggravated the new republican proposed tax plan will count that exemption waiver as part of their income.

“So in addition to the stipend that we get, it would look like we made a lot more than we do. And so that would then increase our taxes that we would be expected to pay,” said David Cooper, president of the labor union for GTA’s.

For example, if a graduate teaching assistant makes $15,000 a year in income, his or her current taxes at 2.7% would be $1,870. A typical stipend would be $17,000. Under the new tax plan, that tuition stipend would be taxed at 4.6%. This would result in a total tax bill of $5,600 off of the $15,000 income.

The senate plans to vote on the tax package sometime this week.