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Security Reports Show Climb in Stalking and Rape Cases at KU

Each year KU releases its annual security report that shows data of crime both on and off campus. While the number of cases of stalking and rape have increased, not many groups on campus are willing to talk about these trends

Margarita Arroyo came to KU not knowing she would be a statistic. A statistic, representing one of the victims of sexual assault on the KU’s campus.

“You’re forced to relive the situation,” said Margarita Arroyo.

Which is why Arroyo says she chose not to report the incident. According to the annual KU security report, stalking incidents on campus rose from 11 in 2015, to 22 in 2016. The reported number of rapes on campus declined from 11 in 2015, to 6 in 2016. But non-campus rates rose from 2 in 2015 to 7 in 2016. Arroyo says she’s afraid it’s happening more than what’s being reported.

“Paper says this but it’s actually more because people don’t want to report,” said Arroyo.

Director of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center Jen Brockman says according to anonymous reporting spaces, more victims are reporting incidents now, than in previous years numbers up but because more aware, on par with national numbers.

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one-in-five women will be sexually assaulted while in college. Brockman says KU’s numbers are on par with the national average. But it can be difficult to analyze the results because the report only includes data from three years.

We can’t say why, but the people who work closely with the victims might have a better idea of why. The office of institutional opportunity and access and director Shane Mccreery works directly with all parties involved to investigate these cases. After repeated attempts to contact IOA, they declined to comment.

SAPEC says it’s common for victims to not report these incidents because they don’t have the energy, time or feel safe going forward with the investigation process.

We also attempted to contact KU Public Safety Office and KU Public Affairs. Both declined to comment.