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Lawrence Fire Station No. 4 Gets Brand New Truck

After several months of anticipation, Lawrence Firefighters at Station No. 4 just got a new addition to their crew- a big new addition.

Once repairs are done on the old Engine 4, this truck will officially become Lawrence’s brand new Engine 40. It can be used as a tender- that means it helps bring water to firefighters in areas without hydrants. It also carries two more people than the truck it’s replacing, and 1500 gallons more water than the previous one. That makes the job easier for firefighters.

“So we can go to a house fire and if we’ve got help coming in, we’ve got 2000 gallons of water on us so we can start going in on a house fire, so that gives us the ability to make a harder attack on a fire.”

Though Enginge 40 isn’t in service yet officially, Station No. 4 has been using it for the last several days as their primary tender.. Talk about trial by fire.

The station says that the truck has passed initial tests with flying colors.