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KU’s New Burge Union is Months Ahead of Schedule

It’s a once in a generation project for KU and its three months ahead of its completion date for construction of the new $14 million Burge Union.

More than two years of construction is almost over as the new Burge Union is closer to completion.

And a few lucky folks in the KU community saw the space, service and style in the new home on campus.

“I’m really excited about it because this is the new heart of campus,” said Thomas Green, board of class officers.

And it sure feels like it right beside Allen Fieldhouse, the engineering campus and Daisy Hill, about a mile long walk from the current union.

“And especially as we’re expanding out more with more dorms behind and up on Daisy Hill it’s an exciting time,” said Green.

The multi-million-dollar building will house student services like the Sexual Assault Prevention Education Center and legal services.

It’ll also have a new dining center serving Oliver and Downs hall residents and providing fresher and higher quality food.

“This is where people will find jobs, this is where they’ll meet friends, so it’s just an exciting time to see such an expansion on campus,” said Green.

So far the project has completed each milestone on time and looks to be completed by next summer.