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KCI to Undergo $1 Billion in Renovations

After years of debate, Kansas City will be getting an improved, new airport now that Kansas City voted “yes” to a single-terminal airport.

These designs show a sleek glass look with new restaurants and shopping facilities past the security checkpoint. The renovations will end up costing around $1 billion.

KCI is the closest major airport for many KU students flying in and out of Kansas and some say that they feel the current airport isn’t convenient enough.

“The airport is the first thing that a lot of people see when they come to Kansas City and it just doesn’t give a very good impression of our city or the people that are here and it’s very dull and boring and not something we should convey to our visitors,” says Shelby Rayburn.

KCI says they’ll finish their financial plan with the contractor later this month. Construction should start next year and wrap up by 2021.