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Brothers Bar and Grill Upset with UDK Coverage

Brothers Bar and Grill is speaking out against the University Daily Kansan yesterday due to a previous published story. The article covered the fatal shootings on Massachusetts Street last month.

They’re accusing the University Daily Kansan of misguided and misleading reporting about the October 1 shooting that left three people dead.

The bar is claiming the Kansan article “intentionally” and “irresponsibly” linked Brothers bar & grill to the murders on 11th and Mass.

Their complaint is that the UDK mentions Brothers seven times. None of the other businesses near the crime scene.

The bar then says the UDK reporter left a voicemail asking [them] for a comment on how business at Brothers was doing since the shooting.

The bar’s response is that they thought it inappropriate to talk about “business” while Leah Brown’s friends and family mourn her death, so they didn’t return the call. They say that if they had known what the UDK was going to publish, they would have called back to have their say.

The post goes on to say Brothers wants their bar to be a safe location for their guests.

Since the Brothers Facebook post, the Kansan updated their article… But even with that move user comments are in the double digits.

The Kansan has yet to comment on the post and Brothers Bar and grill says it’s not saying anything more.