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Joe’s Journey

Joe’s day starts early,

“Usually like 5 in the morning… and then when I get off work I get a cup of coffee and sit down at the library and do homework,” said Sophomore Ivan Ray.

But this is Ivan… not Joe. This is Joe…a cup of coffee.

A cup of coffee whose day began 24 hours ago at The Roasterie in Kansas City, Missouri. Coming that way from 11 different countries, shipped to a warehouse in California, and ready to be roasted at the plant.

Once circulated and roasted, Joe cools off for a bit. Joe’s then put into a barrel, weighed, sealed with nitrogen, loaded on the conveyor belt, and prepared to be sealed tight. Joe’s journey doesn’t end here; he still has a heck of a ride, and Joe’s ride waits until a bright and early morning. Or a rainy morning.

Roasterie delivery drivers, like Nick, make sure that all the coffee is delivered before making its final destination to Lawrence.

At Wescoe, the coffee is then taken to the main station where it is distributed and shipped to other places on campus. Anschutz Library is one of those places. The coffee is then prepared by a barista and handed off to the students.

The Roasterie says it sells more of the Crimson Brew here at KU than any other type.