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University Banning Guns from Some Athletic Venues

The University is passing a new policy to help keep students safe at sporting events next school year.

KU’s new policy will prevent guns from entering some athletic venues even though they will be allowed on campus starting this summer.

KU expects to spend around $1 million to add metal detectors and additional security to facilities that seat more than 5,000. As of now they plan on adding them in Allen Fieldhouse and Memorial Stadium.

Associate athletic director Jim Marchiony says the University wants to implement changes quickly.

“We are trying to be proactive with this and the speed with which the fans can get into the venue, so we think it’s the smart thing to do,” Marchiony said.

KU senior Katelyn Schumacher thinks the ban creates a sense of safety for students.

“I think it will be a good thing to keep them safe and a good atmosphere for students to come and enjoy the game,” Schumacher said.

With the addition of banning guns at some sports venues, fans will no longer be allowed to bring purses inside the areas. Only see-through bags will be allowed inside.