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United Airlines Rep Takes a Hit After Viral Video

United Airlines’s reputation has taken a critical hit in the past week after a viral video showed a passenger dragged from his seat due to an overbooked flight.

A KU Assistant Marketing professor says supporting its employees over its customers might not be the best strategy to win back customers.

“Maybe they think that they are the good guys by sticking with their employees but in the end, it’s the consumers that really matter,” professor Noelle Nelson said.

With all the bad publicity surrounding United, customers might be a little apprehensive to fly with them. KU student Jacob Hammond has flown with United before and has a flight coming up in a few weeks, he says this new video makes him second guess his choice.

“I have not had an experience like this but they might not be my first choice in the future,” Hammond said.

United CEO Oscar Munoz took to Twitter saying, “We will work to make this right.”

Munoz says they will have results by April 30.