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Mild Winter Creates High Insect Population Heading Into Spring

Spring is a time for birth and renewal — the same goes for bugs.

The mild winter didn’t kill insects and the wet spring is bringing more in. One Lawrence resident is already fighting to prevent ants in her dishwasher.

“I don’t know if there is really anything you can do to get rid of them permanently,” Lawrence resident Lauren Rigby said. “If there was, I’d do it.”

Rigby isn’t alone. Ants have been on the rise this spring and are causing problems for some homeowners. Mild winters over the past three to five months have done little to kill off insects.

“There are some remedies out in hardware stores that people swear by it like that tariff stuff,” Haley Pest Control’s Vanja Mehmedovic said.

Mehmedovic also says keeping areas such as the kitchen and bathroom clean will help keep ants away. But no matter what you do, bugs will find their way into your home.

“It’s really not pest control, it’s pest monitoring,” Mehmedovic said. “Then you can recognize or have someone come and look at it and tell you what kind of bugs are in the house.”

Experts also say not to bait the bugs inside. Find where they are entering the house and use outside treatments to keep them from coming in.