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Local Farmers’ Crops Suffering From Excess Rain

Nearly two inches of rain has fallen over Lawrence since Sunday with more expected throughout the week. All the rain could impact local farmers and their crops.

Rain typically improves growing conditions for crops, but when fields get too much rain in a short time it could lead to the loss of a crop. Douglas County director Marlin Bates says farmers who have already planted their crops could feels the negative affects of excess rain in the growing season in more than one way.

“They’re not being productive for us, they’re not helping us meet our market time windows whenever we need to have those crops available for sale,” Bates said. “But it can also be bad because if that extended period of time becomes injurious then we can certainly lose the entire crop.”

For the farmers who haven’t planted crops yet, Bates says it’s critical for farmers to get things such as broccoli and cabbage planted as soon as possible.

“There are some crops that, really, it would be necessary to start calling it crunch time on whether or not you’re going to get that crop into the ground within the next, probably, two weeks,” Bates said.

Farmers will have to wait until the soil dries out before they can begin planting crops. While some may think the rain is setting things back, Bates said there’s a rainy season every time farmers are planting so they’re used to working around mother nature.