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KU Professor Leading Group Against Concealed Carry

University professor Maryemma Graham teaches a narrow range of students that include mostly undergraduates and international graduate students in her classrooms. But teaching is not the only thing that Graham does for her students. She also advocates for their safety.

On July 1, Kansas House Bill 2074 will become law, stating concealed carry fire arms may not be prohibited from any state or municipal building. The bill has been strongly opposed at the University of Kansas, where a 2015 survey found that over 80 percent of student and faculty population were not in favor of allowing concealed carry on campus.

“I am not anti-gun,” Graham said. “Guns are important. Guns are a form of protection. But having a gun on a college campus — in a residence hall — is a bad idea.”

Graham also believes a population of students who are mentally developing and finding who they are could also prove to be problematic.

“You don’t want to add anything to a complicated emotional makeup of any person coming to maturity,” Graham said. “College is about testing things out and making mistakes, but this is the kind of mistake that is deadly.”

The Faculty for a Safer Campus event begins Tuesday at noon and has a follow-up event on Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the Kansas Union.