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White House Remains Quiet After Trump’s Wire Tapping Claims

The White House is under fire again this week for President Donald Trump’s claims via Twitter that he was wire tapped by former-president Barack Obama towards the end of the 2016 campaign season.

In a series of Tweets sent by President Trump on Saturday, the President claimed Trump Tower had its “wires tapped” by Obama in the final two weeks of his campaign.  Trump also compared the incident to McCarthyism and the infamous Watergate scandal.

The FBI has asked the Justice Department to refute President Trump’s claims on the matter due to lack of evidence.  Such action by a sitting President would be illegal, any matter of wire tapping would have to be approved by a court.

Since the story broke Saturday, The White House has remained quiet on the subject.  During a press conference earlier Monday, Sean Spicer called upon congress to investigate the matter and when asked about the issue simply responded he would let the tweet speak for itself.

Obama has yet to respond to the claim himself, but a spokesman for Obama said any suggestion that the former president or any White House official ordering surveillance against Trump is simply false.