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KU Basketball’s Student Managers Don’t Go Unnoticed

The elite eight is upon us on Saturday, but let’s talk about the eight student mangers of the Jayhawk’s men’s basketball team. The managers don’t have a specific job description, says fourth year manager Chip Kueffer. He says they just do what is asked of them whether that be laundry, assisting with drills, and anything else to make things go smoothly.

However, Kueffer told us that the team of managers have had to do some crazy tasks.

“The craziest thing I’ve ever done was when we were in Guangzhou, South Korea. We were going to be disqualified if we didn’t have our uniforms altered so I had to get a translator and hop in a taxi and find a seamstress and get USA patches thrown over the front of our jerseys.”

Last night following the sweet 16 game against Purdue, the managers had to stick around about three hours after the team had left.

“So the team they left around 12:15 probably, and then we, we were out of here by 3:00 [a.m.] with the laundry and everything,” Kueffer said.

Forward Landen Lucas said the managers are huge for the team, and not only with the small things they do to get prepared for the next day.

“A big part is, you know, with the quick turn around in scouting for you know a team, they play a big role in that and that’s important for us, because they get us prepared for that next game.”

The managers will have their hands full if the team makes it to the Final Four in Phoenix next weekend. Kueffer told us that it will be crazy for them to prepare as a lot of equipment will be coming in and they will be embroidering a lot of patches.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun though, I’ve never gotten to go to a final four yet, but, uh, we’ve been working for it for a while so it’ll be a lot of fun,” Kueffer said.