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Super Bowl LI Ads Address Immigration in US

When viewers tuned into the Super Bowl LI, many expected the traditional funny or heartwarming commercials. But many companies took their air time to send a more political message.

Protests across the globe continue in response to President Trump’s travel ban, with the latest in London over the weekend.  State-side popular companies such as Coca-Cola, Air BnB and Budweiser added their messages to the mix.

Many of their advertisements featuring images of immigration, diversity and inclusion.  84 Lumber even going as far as showing Trump’s proposed wall in the extended version of their Super Bowl spot.

Shelby Poskachil, a member of The Agency, an advertising group on campus says a lot of media is putting the same message out there right now.

“They want to make it their own just like advertisers do,” said Poskachil “We take something and we make it our own.  They took Trump’s message and made it their own and they said you know what we don’t agree with that, here’s why and here’s our own spin on that.”

While many found these messages inspirational, many of these ads have sparked backlash from Trump’s supporters who are calling for boycotts of these companies.