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Crews Still Searching for Missing Teen at Lake

Rescue Teams are still searching for a missing teen at the Douglas County State Lake.

Authorities say two males were on a small boat around 10 p.m. last weekend when it capsized.  One of the teenagers resurfaced and the other one has not.

The Douglas County Underwater Search and Recovery team, as well as game wardens from Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism have been working together since early Sunday morning in the water.
The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says crews did recover a boat around 2 o’clock this afternoon in the area, but it is still unconfirmed if it is the boat used by the two boys.

The search for the missing teen will continue into Monday night until they locate the teen or until there is no sunlight.

Crews believe the teens were not wearing life jackets at the time. The identities of the teens have not been released at this time.  Authorities on scene say the search is now considered a recovery mission.