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Concerns Voiced at Concealed Carry Info Session

Members of the KU community met last week to learn more about concealed carry once it’s legal on campus. Most concerns came from students and faculty about their safety on campus.

Some faculty members voiced their anger about not being allowed to ask whether a student is carrying a concealed weapon. One faculty member said it is endangering to them by impinging on their basic rights.

Others were concerned about children who visit museums on campus and attend campus schools like Hilltop Child Development Center. One teacher did not like the idea her students could be in an area with someone carrying a concealed handgun.

Some are questioning why the University is doing little to stop the law from happening. KU Provost Neeli Bendapudi said KU is legally not allowed to lobby for or against guns. Bendapudi also said it is an area covered by the Kansas Board of Regents.

Even with the change coming to campus, KU Police say it’s not different than going somewhere off-campus. Concealed carry has been legal in Kansas for 10 years.

“We were just an exemption, a small part of their life that is not available,” Chris Keary, KU Chief of Police, said. “Now that it is, hopefully it will be no different than all the other interactions they do in their lives, wherever they are in the community.”

The bills that would make carrying legal are still going through state legislature. Officials say they want to be prepared when the ban expires July 1.