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KU Student Attends Women’s March in Topeka

While Washington D.C. saw thousands of demonstrators for the Women’s March, other cities across the country like Topeka also drew large crowds.

University of Kansas student Katie Taylor joined thousands of others outside of the Kansas capitol building to make her voice heard.

“I joined the Women’s March because I wanted to support women and other marginalized individuals in my community,” Taylor said. “I’ve been discriminated against based on my gender before, so I felt it was very important to have a lot of people’s voices heard.”

The steps of the capitol heard what Taylor estimated between 3,000 to 4,000 people. Taylor believed the Women’s March succeeded in its goal of speaking out and speaking up.

“I felt that I accomplished a lot,” Taylor said. “I stood up against sexism. I wanted to make my woman-voice heard because sometimes it’s so often overlooked in the sea of men-voices.”