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Magazines Found Inside Suspicious Package at Lawrence Courthouse

A Douglas county employee found an unexpected box on the west steps of the county courthouse at 1100 Massachusetts St. just before 8 a.m. Monday.

“Death before dishonor” was written on the steps leading to the package. The writing lead the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a four hour investigation and evacuate the courthouse and businesses on the block of 11th and Massachusetts for safety precautions. It was revealed the mysterious package only contained several magazines.

“We don’t believe that this is a serious threat, we believe that the box is just what it is,” Sgt. Kristen Dymacek said. “As far as the writing itself, we’re not looking at that as any sort of threat.”

During the investigation, the DGSO closed surrounding streets to traffic. Businesses in the area, like Shelter Incorporated, suspended operations for over two hours.

“We were told we couldn’t be in the building, so I came up and got our administrative assistant who was already here,” Gina Meier Hummel of Shelter Incorporated said. “And we all left and called all of our staff and told them to stay away until we got the ‘all clear.'”

The courthouse, streets and nearby businesses reopened shortly before noon.