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What Went Viral

Oh the mannequin challenge, a passing fad? Or the biggest dance craze since the Harlem Shake? Only time will tell! From high schools, to newsrooms to the White House, everyone loves doing the challenge. Even Sir Paul Mcartney had to take part in the mannequin challenge! The viral sensation features people freezing in place and then the camera just takes it from there…the unofficial anthem of the song is Black Beatles by Rae Sremmend.

It has been eighteen years since the classic hip-hop group, told us to Check the Rhyme Yo! Today, A Tribe Called Quest releases their first album in eighteen years titled ‘We got it from here…thank you 4 your service. The group will also be starring on Saturday Night Live this weekend with…wait for it… Dave Chappelle.

The year 2016 will go down as the most memed year of all-time. Now that’s not for sure but the cubbies won the World Series so anything is possible!

The election has helped create some of the best memes that we have seen in a while. When president-elect Donald Trump met president Barack Obama, meme magic was made!