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The Arrowhead Experience

The Arrowhead experience is a family affair for Trey Miller.

“It’s hanging out with my Chiefs family, hanging out with everybody every Sunday,” Millre said. “Grilling, going to Arrowhead, enjoying the game. That’s what I love about it, it’s all about the atmosphere here.”

Even if it wasn’t a birthright, Miller still found his way to loving the Chiefs.

“I grew up a die hard Chiefs fan,” Miller said. “My father was actually not a Chiefs fan, so it’s kind of tough, but he took me to a few [games] and also with my mom.”

Fellow Chiefs fan Rudy Puskas thinks grilling is one of the major keys to the Arrowhead experience.

“I call myself the charcoal grill master, because no matter what we want to cook, we are cooking on a grill,” Puskas said. “No control heat. We cook anything from breakfast burritos to chicken. It’s a good challenge and a lot of fun.”

Puskas favorite aspect of Arrowhead is the loud fans and the bonding everyone experiences.

“You come to Arrowhead and it’s crazy every time we come here, because the fans are so crazy and so passionate about the football game and even the tailgating is so passionate,” Puskas said. “I would say the Chiefs Arrowhead experience could be more crazy than you have ever seen.”