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Students Tear Down Goal Posts After Win Against Texas

KU football fans upheld a long-standing tradition on Nov. 19 after the team’s first win over Texas since 1938.

Fans threw the north end goal post into Potter Lake after a successful field goal attempt by Kansas. KU Junior Brynley Orndorff was working the game as a Touchdown Club waitress, and said that the crowd went wild.

“We literally leaped over the edge of the touchdown club on to the field, we were working in our uniforms, and then we just sprinted and it was just madness. It was crazy. Of course, there was not that many people, but it felt like a ton,” Orndorff said.

This is the second time fans have stormed the field this year, but KU’s first conference win since 2014. Bystanders said that police were barricading the goal post closest to the lake, making it difficult for fans to reach the goal post.

Once fans reached the post, it took about 20 minutes to tear down.

Associate Athletic Director Jim Marchiony said parts of the goal post are still missing.

No one was reported hurt in the process of tearing the goal post down.