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Mobile Becoming Everything

Smartphones are on the rise. A study from Zenith analyzed 60 countries and found that 56 percent of the world population owns a smartphone. So, it is not shocking to say that 74 percent of U.S. Internet will be accessed on a mobile phone this next year. Mobile is becoming the one stop shop for all things.

“I use my phone for social media. Also, my phone is how my roommates pay rent and that’s how they send money to me,” KU senior Samantha Harms said. “I use it to get the news. Pretty much everything.”

Many news outlets are now adapting to the change. I didn’t have to go far, KUJH’s next door neighbor, the University Daily Kansan, are making changes as we speak.

“Right now we are doing a website redesign to make our site responsive,” UDK Editor-in-chief Candice Tarver said. “A lot of our traffic comes from mobile, so that will really improve our reader’s experiences on their phones.”

The old Zach Morris phone is long gone, but maybe computers will be in the same boat? Maybe smartphones will take over the world? Maybe I’ll win lottery? The future is never certain. But as of right now, mobile Internet is on the rise.