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Local Department Store Open for 159 Years

Joe Flannery runs his business by the three ‘P’s. The people, the product, and the prices.

There is a reason why the ‘people’ are listed first. It takes the right people to keep an independent department store in business for 159 years.

“We have many, many people that have worked here 20 and 30 and more years, and having those relationships with our associates and just the people in Lawrence have meant the most,” Flannery said.

And it might be surprising that an independent department store can survive in a time of Macy’s, JC Penney and Kohl’s, but that has never worried Joe.

As the fifth generation to run Weavers, he is the fifth generation to learn the best way to keep a business open through any obstacle, even the Great Depression. And that is by building a sense of trust within the community.

“People have that shop local mentality because they understand things would be different without our local independent businesses,” Flannery said.

If the past 159 years have proved anything, it is that Weavers can withstand the test of time. When I asked Joe what the future looks like, his answer was simple: “Weavers is going to be around for quite some time.”

After all, what would the 900 block of Mass Street look like without that familiar red awning?