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KU Offers Women Ample Media Career Opportunities

At the University of Kansas, there are several opportunities for women to get involved in all facets of journalism, including broadcast anchor positions and print editorial positions.

One outlet for women in the sports reporting world is KU Sidelines.

“It’s pretty cool because KU sidelines was formed by women for women and our goal here was to incorporate girls into the sports industry, and make them feel like they have a voice, they have the power to do it without guys in a male dominated industry,” KU Sidelines reporter Jen Halvorson said.

While the University of Kansas exemplifies a progressive newsroom setting, journalism Professor Barbara Barnett said there is still plenty of progress to be made.

“I think one of the things you see that hasn’t changed is you still have a lot of men in the really top positions. You look at the Washington Post and New York Times, and both of them are headed by men right now,” Barnett said. “And so that hasn’t changed as much, it’s been slower for women to get into those management positions and crack that glass ceiling.”

According to a study by the Women’s Media Center, 64 percent of bylines and on-camera appearances went to men at the nation’s top 20 TV networks, newspapers, online news sites and news wire services. In addition, men hold 63.4 percent of paying journalism careers.