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Hit and Run on Campus

A nighttime run on campus turned into a hospital visit for one runner Tuesday night, after a white Jeep Wrangler hit her.

Witnesses say the driver failed to stop at a four-way stop on Jayhawk Boulevard and Sunflower Road.

Kira Stahly, a freshman at KU, was driving on Jayhawk Boulevard when the runner was hit. Stahly said she feels scared for her own safety and other students on campus after witnessing the hit and run.

“We pulled over to the side and I got out and checked if she was okay,” Stahly said. “My friend was about to call a cop, but a cop was actually coming down the street, I think just maybe patrolling, and so he pulled over and got an ambulance for her.”

Stahly said the runner was not able to put weight on her legs after being hit. Lawrence Memorial Hospital has not gotten back with us on the status of the patient.

KU Public Safety’s Deputy Chief James Anguiano said they are still investigating the accident and in search for the driver. Anguiano said that hit and runs on campus are not a frequent accident.

If you have any helpful information or if you witnessed the accident between 8:20 and 8:45 pm on Tuesday, contact KU Public Safety at 785-864-5900.