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Four KU Cheerleaders Still Suspended

The University of Kansas is still investigating a controversial Snapchat posted by a university cheerleader. The Snapstory posted by Lili Gagin photographed three male cheerleaders who wore sweaters with K’s on them, along with the text “KKK GO TRUMP.”

After the snapchat was screenshotted and turned into KU, Gagin tweeted, “I’m appalled that a Snapchat was put on my Snapchat and posted on my account. I would never of done that and I apologize that it happened.”

KU Athletics then tweeted on Nov. 22 that all four spirit squad members were suspended until further notice.

Mark Johnson, a practicing attorney and lecturer for KU’s journalism and law school, said expelling Gagin is not the solution.

“KU is a public institution and that means the First Amendment applies to it,” Johnson said. “And so it can’t take action towards someone, because she’s exercised her First Amendment rights. And it’s within her rights to post stuff like that.”

Associate athletics director Jim Marchiony said he’s not sure how much longer the investigation will take place, but all four cheerleaders are suspended until then. The Chancellor’s office has not commented on what actions the University is taking in this case.