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Early Voting at KU

Election day is only four days away and KU students and faculty have taken advantage of early voting. Over 400 KU students and faculty voted early at the Office of Multicultural Affairs since early voting began on Monday.

For many KU students, this is the first time they can vote in a presidential election. Because the Multicultural center is on campus, access for students to vote is more convenient. Students are excited about the opportunity to have their voice heard.

“Well, I’m living in this country, and everyone I know and love is living in this country, so I think it’s important that I make my opinions heard and have a say in the running of the country,” senior Logan Duck said.

Not only are students voting early, but KU faculty members are as well. KU faculty member Whitney Baker voted early at the Multicultural Center and said others should exercise their right to vote.

“We are so lucky in our country to have the right to vote. It seems to me that everyone should take advantage of it and have their voice heard,” Baker said.

Early voting ends at the Office of Multicultural Affairs Friday at 7 p.m. It will be available in other locations in Douglas County through the weekend until Tuesday.