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Babcock Place Helps Residents Vote

The 2016 presidential election is quickly approaching and  Lawrence’s senior citizens are eager to vote.

Although senior citizens only make up approximately twenty percent of eligible voters nationally, their age group has the highest rate of eligible voters actually making it to the polls at nearly sixty percent.

The Babcock Place is making this easier for their residents by providing information of city transportation as well as personal transportation from their home and assistance in filling out their Douglas County Advanced Voting Ballot applications.

The senior citizens rushed in to fill out their ballots in time.

“They were pretty excited and kept asking me when they were going to get their ballots in the mail and were pretty quick to send them off because they wanted it in there and have their voices heard,” Senior Housing Services Coordinator Haliegh Koca said.

There are many locations throughout Lawrence in which eligible voters of all ages can have their voices heard this Tuesday, November 8.