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Anti-Trump Protesters March down Massachusetts Street

As expected, election results have spiked uproar not only throughout the country, but also here in Lawrence.

An estimated 500 people marched along Massachusetts Street Saturday night in protest of President-Elect Donald Trump.

In contrast to many other protests around the country, there wasn’t a policeman in sight. Fortunately, the only incidents were a few sharp exchanges of words between Trump supporters and protestors.

Many people brought signs as a way to share their own personal connection to their reason for protesting.

“I’m an immigration activist,” Lawrence resident Madina Salaty said. “I actually had my husband deported, and I’ve met so many people in that situation right now that are really, really scared about what’s going to happen to them.”

Lawrence High School senior Jazzmin Matchette, the organizer of the event, hopes events like these will bring solidarity to our country and community.