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Animal Conservatory Aims to Save Big Cats

The Cedar Cove Conservation Park may seem out of your way, but drive just four miles east of Louisburg, Kan., and you will find yourself on a vast acreage that hosts large felines.

The felines at Cedar Cove are endangered, and this location is a sanctuary for the big cats. Cedar Cove is a non-profit organization that aims to educate the public about the conservation of these animals, as well as their habits and behaviors.

The three-acre isolated land opened in 2000 after civic organizations, businessmen, Boy Scouts, school leaders, students and hundreds of volunteers worked to make the conservation dream a reality.

Trained professionals at Cedar Cove are educated and trained to work with large exotic felines. Animals at Cedar Cove include tigers, pumas and bobcats.

Each animal is treated with respect, given one-on-one affection each day, and exposed to an entirely stress free environment.

The park is managed and maintained by the Pottorff family, as well as 200 additional volunteers.

To visit the park on a tour, contact 913-837-5515. To volunteer, call 913-208-9963.

Editor’s Note: This story is a contribution from an on-campus organization.