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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Announces 14 Online Winter Courses

For most college students, winter break is a time they spend unwinding from the stress of the previous semester. But now, students can use winter break to earn credit hours. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at The University of Kansas announced last Tuesday it will offer online winter courses.

KU student Julia Reid said she will take an online course in the winter so she doesn’t have to take as many hours during the spring semester.

“I was going to have to take an extra semester to graduate, so now if I take an online class, I can graduate on time,” Reid said.

This is the first time the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will offer winter courses. The winter courses will only be offered online and will last four weeks.

The Assistant Director for Academic Outreach and Online Programs Samantha Montauge said taking winter classes will help students do more than just stay on track for graduation.

“If you are wanting to take an internship, say in the spring semester, you would be able to take less hours during that traditional spring semester, but still be a full time student because of your winter session hours,” Montauge said.

According to a study by the Babson Survey Research Group, about 5.8 million students are now taking online classes. Taking an online class at the University of Kansas costs the same as taking an in-class course.

You can find out what winter course classes that the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are offering at