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What Went Viral

Here’s a trivia question: what Saturday Night Live host holds the record for most hosting appearances?  The man, the myth, and the best looking Baldwin brother: Alec Baldwin. Even with his admittance into SNL’s five-timers club, Baldwin is not there to host. Instead, he portrayed Donald Trump. The official host for the SNL season premiere is Margot Robbie with musical guest the Weekend.

New York City’s famous Carnegie Deli, which opened in 1937, will close its doors in downtown Manhattan on December 31. But don’t freak out too soon: Carnegie Deli will still have locations in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania and Madison Square Garden, as well as at the U.S. Open in Queens (random, but I like it.) The deli is closing its location to focus on licensing the brand and selling products for wholesale distribution.

The Ryder Cup is an event that happens every two years. It’s a team play event, which is a nice change for golf, and has the United States going up against the best of European born players. It’s also known as a rowdy event with lots of fan interaction, and this year, we have a new level.

Rory Mcilroy and Henrik Stenson were practicing a tough 12-foot putt when they challenged a heckler, David Johnson, to make the putt they were struggling with. To their disbelief, he sunk the putt with no ease. Johnson truly lives up to the saying, “he can talk the talk and walk the walk.”