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University of Kansas Construction is Underway

Construction on the University of Kansas campus is hard to miss. Deputy Director of Design and Construction Management Paul Graves said the current construction ranges from several thousand dollars for new building signs to about 350 million dollars for new buildings.

There are 45 construction projects underway at the University of Kansas.

“Projects originate to fulfill various needs, and they require the convergence of funding and administrative approvals prior to proceeding to planning, design and construction,” Graves said.

The University of Kansas’s needs include increased space, modern facilities for research and teaching, student unions and more.

Ritchie and Slawson Hall will become the Earth, Energy and Environment Center. The building’s construction began August 3, 2015 and has an expected completion date of August 1, 2017. The building has cost nearly 79 million dollars.

The central district development will include apartments, a dining center, a parking garage, a residence hall and a utility plant. This project is costing 350 million dollars. The development started on Jan. 1 of this year, and its completion will occur in June of 2018.