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Steam Whistle Creative, One Unique Operation

The “Big Tooter” has been signaling the end of class periods for over 100 years. It’s loud, noticeable and unique. These three traits don’t just represent the physical steam whistle here on campus, but also the “Creative” steam whistle. It's loud,

“It’s a place where you come and create a wacky execution. Something that’s going to get noticed via guerilla marketing,” Director of Production at Steam Whistle Luke Huttner said. “We do everything here. It could be packaging or even creating a flash mob on the street.”

Yes, flash mobs.

So if you have birthday coming up and need a flash mob, I know a guy.

Steam whistle creative branched off The Agency. The Agency is KU’s full service, on-campus advertising agency. It produces a brand from the beginning, where they can research and develop an overall plan. Steam Whistle Creative, however, is strictly execution, taking an established brand and implementing a unique idea.

“Steam Whistle is not going to build your brand from the ground up,” Huttner said. “They are going to take what you have and apply it in a very interesting way. The goal is to increase brand recognition, sales, or whatever the request is.”

Steam Whistle Creative is striving to be unique, and their launch party proves that: they are holding a croquet tournament on October 21st. But that’s Steam Whistle Creative for you, one unique operation.