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Cross Country Runs In the Family

People say you have to be kind of crazy to pick a sport like cross country, but for some runners, they don’t choose this high endurance sport, but rather are born into it.

“Running is something that has been a part of our family life. My parents used to race a lot, so I was a part of that community,” Chris Melgares said.

Melgares’ father ran at Adams State University, while his mother ran at Emporia State University. This power running couple attends every meet to cheer on their sons. Oh, did I forget to mention that there are two of them? Chris Melgares and Michael Melgares both run for KU cross country. Both were also coached by their mother, Susan Melgares.

“She coached Chris and I throughout high school. She has been huge in helping us progress in our running careers,” Michael Melgares said.

The Melgares brothers have created a special and healthy competition on the field, but also a roomate relationship off the field. You can almost say that these brothers are almost too close.

“We have to have some separation time. There’s a lot of close proximity here,” Chris Melgares said.

The separation time might have to be a little longer because guess who just made a college visit to KU? Cara Melgares, the sister.