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What Went Viral

And we back..we back…What Went Viral is back! Social Media regulars have a lot to look forward too! Especially on Twitter and FaceBook, where Apple’s Tim Cook can be seen singing Carpool Karaoke with The Late Late Show’s James Corden and revealing the new iPhone 7.  The announcement took backlash from some apple fans, who were not so happy about the new wireless ear pods.

The 1979 film, Grease is been seen in a different light these days, as conspiracy theorists hatched new theories about Oliva Newton John’s character, Sandy. One theory suggests that Sandy died on the beach when Danny tried to save her and the entire movie is just a fantasy of what would have happened (esapecailly when Danny and Sandy fly off in the car to…heaven…) at Rydell High.  One of the most disturbing theories is that Sandy killed herself (ie: Goodbye to Sandra Dee) after the famous car cash and the rest of the movie is how good ole Sandra Dee wanted things to go. Well at least we still have the soundtrack…
Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is back in the mainstream! This time it’s with his new FX Show, Atlanta. Glover also stars as the lead role,  rap agent, Earn Marks. The trule remarkable thing about the show is that is is shot and directed on location in Hotlanta! In almost every scene, it feels as if you are right there in Atalanta. An experience that many people may never have the opportunity to take part in.

Come back next week for some more What Went Viral! Relax and scroll on.