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Quarterbacks, Receivers Sync in Win Against Rhode Island

A recharged University of Kansas football team returned to Kivisto Field on Monday bringing with it a big victory. But for the offense, perhaps their return also brought with it a smaller victory: the success of head coach David Beaty’s air raid offense.

 “Well I thought the practice was spirited,” Beaty said. “I thought the energy was really good, and I thought the retention from week one to week two with the scout report that we’re putting together for this team was really good.”
A lot of the success on Saturday came with the connection of each quarterback to their receivers. Offensive coordinator Rob Likens said the connection between the two positions is different in each situation but is built on a deep level of trust in the other.
“The quarterbacks will learn how to throw to specific receivers,” Likens said. “They know when they’re going to get open as compared to another guy. This guy is smaller, so I need to put the ball here. This guy is taller, so I need to put the ball here. All of that is worked out in the summer, and you build a great relationship.”
Redshirt junior quarterback Montell Cozart said throwing to each receiver is different, but being able to trust that the other will get the job done makes all the difference.
“It means a lot,” Cozart said. “When it comes down to third and two, and they’re bringing blitz zero, they’re bringing everybody and pressuring us, you know that those guys are going to get a great release against the defender. We just give those guys a shot, and we’ll be able to keep the chains moving.”
On Saturday, the Jayhawks will take on the University of Ohio Bobcats. While the team might not have another stellar over-the-back haul in by junior wide receiver LaQuvionte Gonzalez, they can expect to see a continued connection between the receiving corps and each quarterback. This especially in going against what Beaty calls “a younger secondary.”