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Protestors Stand in Solidarity and Silence at Wescoe Hall

Tuesday afternoon, a group of demonstrators gathered outside of Wescoe Hall wearing all black and stood in silence in hopes of putting an end to injustices against transgender and black students.

It all started when one student created a Facebook page inviting others to join in a silent protest. Protesters said they are tired of not feeling safe on campus.

“I’ve been walking down Jayhawk Boulevard, even right here in front of Wescoe, and I’ve been called a faggot, I’ve been yelled at for being gay, and for dressing feminine,” student Caithe Alexander said.

Protesters also said they were protesting so the public will realize black and trans lives matter.

“We are standing in solidarity for trans women of color who have been murdered in this country, and nothing done about it,” student Rayfield Lawrence said. “We are standing in solidarity for black lives matter because we are in full support of it. And we are standing in solidarity for visibility here on campus.”

The protestors chose to remain silent, because they are ‘done talking and done yelling.’

“The ones that get more vocal tend to give off a violent impression, and with being vocal, we have to explain ourselves and we are tired of explaining ourselves,” Alexander said.

A few students walking by the protest even joined in by raising their fist in support.