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KU Sees Fluctuation in Violent Crimes Over Past Five Years

Each year, the University of Kansas releases data about crimes occurring over the year. This year, the data says the number of reported cases of violent crimes, including sexual offenses, has fluctuated over the last five years.

Federal law requires the University of Kansas to submit an annual report to the US Department of Education about crimes that occurred on campus.

According to the report, the number of reported sexual offenses was highest in 2014 with 14 cases.  Former KU rower and sexual assult victim Daisy Tackett has filed lawsuits against the University. Tackett doesn’t think all victims follow in her footsteps.

“You know it opens you up to be ostracized, to lose your friends, to lose, in my case, your school and your rowing career,” Tackett said via phone. “There’s a lot that gets put on the line the moment that someone becomes public about a sexual assault.”

Public Safety Office Captain James Anguiano said people must have the ability to recognize who is to blame when it comes to sexual offenses.

“Always remember that in the case of a sexual assault or sexual battery, its not the victim that did something wrong,” Anguiano said. “It’s the perpetrator and the rapist that are the ones commanding this attention and this crime.”

Director of the Sexual Assault and Education Center Jen Brockman said between five and 15 percent of those assulted on college campuses report it to law enforcement. Fluctuations in numbers happen when victims report crimes, but choose not to do a formal investigation.