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KU Organization Aims to Prevent Suicide Among College Students

College students aren’t just at risk for student debt, challenging classes or an exhausting social life. Suicide rates have tripled over the past 60 years and college age students are at the highest risk.

The American College Health Association found campus suicides are steadily increasing. According to the American College Health Association, 1,088 suicides occur on college campuses each year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students, and one in 12 students make suicide plans.

Mental health awareness and suicide prevention week are common topics on KU campus. KU is currently working to address the mental health issues on campus.

One organization focusing on mental health issues is Active Minds, a national organization working to raise mental health awareness with chapters all over, specifically on college campuses.

Active Minds KU President Christine Wisner said college students face unique challenges when dealing with topics such as suicide.

“It’s very specific to college students because they’re a very unique group of individuals,” Wisner said. “They go through some really unique experiences that not a lot of the general public does so they’re really at risk”

Wisner said there are warning signs to look for in students.

“If they express ‘I don’t want to be here anymore, this is useless,’ or things like that, that can be a warning sign for friends and family to kinda hear the person say that maybe they need help,” Wisner said.

On Friday, Active Minds KU will be hosting “Live Through This: Dese’rae L Stage,” who is a mental health advocate. The event is free to attend and starts at 5 p.m. in Woodruff Auditorium.