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KU Football Fan Grows Hair Until Win

You’ve probably heard of some crazy sports traditions. Some won’t wash a lucky shirt, some sit in a certain seat, and some maybe do a dance after every great play. GJ Melia supports KU football in a different way.

After the 2014 football season, Melia decided he wouldn’t cut his hair until a KU victory. He didn’t expect the quest to last as long as it did, as KU failed to win a game in 2015. However, the dedicated KU senior never went back on his word, even if the hair required a little touch-up.

“I wanted a full mullet, a full thick mullet. Like an 80’s, Andre Agassi 90’s mullet,” Melia said.

The mullet could be considered lucky for KU, for the 665 day winless drought came to an end. This left Melia with only one thing to do. He had a date with the scissors. Melia gathered his friends and said goodbye to the hair that’d been a part of his life for a year and a half. Though he reminisces about his long locks blowing in the wind, Melia is glad.

“It’s sad to see it go but I’m happy that KU won,” Melia said. “It’s good that it’s gone. Maybe I’ll do this again. Hopefully KU doesn’t give a reason to keep my hair growing, but who knows.”

Mullet or no mullet, Melia will be at Memorial Stadium for every home game hoping the Jayhawks keep the wins coming.