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KU Dancer Creates Production That Tackles Major Social Issue

Performing on stage was the way for Kayla Wegley to get her message out to the community. Between 49 dancers and nine complete dances, Wegley is just trying to reach one audience member at a time.

“Every single member cast, technical crew, dancers, everyone has the same goal and the same vision,” Wegley said. “To reach someone in the audience and see their story and feel what they want you to feel. ”

Over 250 people attended these performances back in March and each one felt what the dancers felt: the realness of domestic violence and abuse.

“A lot of people want to learn and hear about what dance is doing in terms of tackling major social issues right now,” Wegley said. “I don’t think people put art and social justice together and that’s something I believe that needs to happen more often, especial on the KU campus.”

Throughout the process, Wegley received a lot of support from the University, the community, and the students. However, Wegley wasn’t surprised by the statistics. According to the national coalition against domestic violence, one in three women face a moment of abuse or violence in their lifetime.

“This is exactly what we need to being doing,” Wegley said. “This is exactly what we need to be saying as artists right now, that this is a problem that needs to be solved.”

The old cliché ‘actions speak louder than words’ applies here. Portraying and expressing this violence is a loud voice for the University of Kansas.